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In 2008, when I first came in contact with the harder styles of dance music, I experienced a revelation. I underwent a mental process that would change my life forever and set course to the wildly exciting and mysterious path of music production. Pretty soon that snowballed to video editing, photo editing, motion graphics, copywriting and other marketing practices. The calling within was so intense I just had to put limitless amounts of sweat over each and every song, every artwork and every detail in between.

Music & Audio Engineering 🎧

There\'s so much I\'d like to share, but posting it even here wouldn\'t do it proper justice. Music defines everything for me.

"Music to us is a five letter word, that is a nucleus of life."

Read up on hardstyle, if you\'re interested in the type of music I make. An infusion of energy straight to the body and mind. It\'s a unique scene with exceptional, kind people and incredible physical and emotional experiences all around the world. This skill was acquired throughout the years, though I\'ve studied numerous books regarding audio engineering, acoustics and digital audio workstations. I\'ve also studied rigorously for a bachelor\'s degree in Computer Science at the University of Piraeus (Athens, Greece) specific courses on multimedia technology and communications.

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I\'m working under the Signal Strike alias, where most of my energy goes. I also have a mostly-chill-but-sometimes-serious podcast with my good buddy Zef. I\'m currently keeping the music life separate, so if you want to look for Signal Strike, you have to do it by yourself.

Visuals & Photography 📷

From fairly complicated motion graphics to lightweight photo editing, these skills have accompanied my journey and helped me shape the literal vision.

Programming 💻

A love for computers was an unavoidable consequence of all this. I\'ve utilised web technologies again and again throughout the years and I\'m ready to dust off these languages and head straight to work with them. Most of these programming languages were introduced to me during my bachelor studies.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • Java
  • Swift
  • C
  • AppleScript
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