Privacy Policy

"I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace."

— Gaston Bachelard , The Poetics of Space

The Outline

I don\'t care about your data and I will never benefit from it.

The main goal is to deliver a great viewing experience to people interested in finding out what my work is about. This mission is compromised if I force some PHP functions to reveal your personal information to me.

Will it be useful information? Sure! I\'d probably improve the website and get a couple more visitors, but I think sweating over it is a better way.

Protecting Originality

Ever since mass personal data aggregation became a default practice for internet companies, algorithms have been developed. Algorithms that track and chase trends to reinforce habits and cravings, based on the location, the personal taste, the age, the profession, the aspirations etc. of people like you and me. What are we doing in a world where the massive regulating force of human life and ambition — the great Internet — repeats patterns specifically relevant to us?

We become dangerously stagnant and interdependent.

The joy of exploring new places, new perspectives, new experiences, new people and the occasional drawback we can learn from, can never be replaced by these digital traces, forming disingenuous patterns of persuasion. This joy is the only way to climb higher, to what would truly resonate with our souls and bring us happiness. It\'s very easy to sit and tap, and click, and scroll around on a screen, getting bombarded with "personalised" advertisements.

The Verdict

Well, what the heck. You accidentally opened up this page and ended up getting to know some of my thoughts and impulses, if you actually made it this far. This webpage serves as an absolute object of public examination. Aside from a single JavaScript file that is executed safely and locally by your browser, all you see is HTML markup and carefully designed CSS1.

Let me make this abundantly clear: You\'re here to explore.

Have fun! ;)

  1. Also safely executed on your local internet browsing environment. The code executed ensures maximum compliance with security and privacy guidelines for the latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript standards. (Check with the official W3C Validation Service)