Man standing high above Athens in a late afternoon.

Hi there.

About Me

I'm Alexandros, a 22 year old creator-slash-designer-slash-musician from Greece.

This website serves a significant purpose: a peek through a metaphorical window to everything I'm involved in and find ultimately fulfilling, the digital equivalent of a firm handshake and a first impression, a collection of pages residing within the world wide web, handcrafted with the utmost care and purpose. As you keep on exploring, you'll probably find out way more about me than you expected. If you're not interested, just do the good ole' headline reading and you're set for life.

Story Time 📖

The earliest memory I have concerns a specific habit I had when I was a toddler. I used to sleep in my crib right next to a small library of comics, and every morning I would wake up, grab one and start paging through. The stories illustrated within didn't even have to make sense to me· It was captivating. So much so that I wasn't even crying for breakfast. My parents would just find me wandering aimlessly with these comics.

It wasn't too late until the urge to create started showing up in various aspects of my life. All men in my family are proven handymen and to this day I might just sit around and watch them repair or improve something with their hands and tools. I had a knack for drawing and making 3D objects out of paper by the age of 8. Later I developed a love for cars and car body modifications (damn you, Fast and the Furious & racing games!). During my early years I've steadily evolved, expressing myself through various media by creating something out of nothing. Turning thoughts and past experiences to something new.

Growing up, I can't help but act more on that impulse. From the short to the long term, I feel spiritually obliged to execute. Many indicators prove this point in the pages here.

Care, Purpose & Aspiration

Circumstances that presented themselves early on in my life, have been the most valuable lessons I could ever ask for. Being a conduit for neglect, ignorance and self absorption for years had given this pre-teen a great deal to think about. The hardest moments, be it through feelings of inadequacy, unforgiving loneliness and anxiety have led me to shape the following core principles: care, purpose & aspiration. Just like the holy trinity, they are undivided and function as one in everything I do.

Care — The art of giving a damn.

Take this very text for example. Truth be told, I'm not sure anyone will ever read this. It is inexcusable though, to not infuse with care something you create or nurture, for others. It's that tiny bit we all have to contribute to make the world better and discover more pleasant things about ourselves in the process.

Purpose — The driving force.

I make a conscious effort to avoid speaking without knowing, but I'm pretty sure the things in life that lack a clearly defined purpose are also the least noticeable, or make the least positive impact. Having to answer many difficult and crucial questions, while the rest of the kids my age were playing together without a care in the world has made defining a clear purpose a critical step before execution.

Aspiration — The gift of advancement.

Do you know humans belong in a comparatively shallow list of species that can sleep on their back, looking up at the stars and beyond while dreaming, by design? It is not a coincidence we set foot on the moon. It is in our very core to uphold the ideals we consider positively impactful, and to move forward. I could never be anything more than a shitty, whiny kid without being aspirational and discovering and fine-tuning my true north star since the beginning.

I hope I gave you a somewhat clear understanding of my core principles and their causes. Since you're here I mean, it must be important. Right?

Now, let's move on to some tangible stuff.

Activities 🎾

As they've been summarised in more detail in their respective pages, my primary activities involve content production and design. Other important activities in my life are weight-lifting, listening to music, hiking, swimming, collecting vintage computer hardware, watching movies & TV shows, playing videogames and the occasional clubbing. Of course not everything is done at once, as that would render me useless in the first hour.

Psychometrics 📊

A comprehensive way to quantify human response. Metrics for the Resilience Scale, the Situational Judgement and Verbal Reasoning tests are available here.