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My name is Alexandros, a 23 year old developer, designer & musician from Athens. Welcome to my website, which is both personal and professional. Here you will find information on the projects I'm involved in, as well as the content I produce.

Born in 1997, I went through primary and middle school at Geitonas School. Later I was transferred by choice to Kareas' Lyceum (one of many public high schools), where I got into the dpt. of Digital Systems at the Univeristy of Piraeus. After a few years on web development, a career in research begins and more is yet to come. Keep reading to learn more and thank you very much for your visit.


These are the professional environments I'm proficient in. You will notice a variety of professional tools for topics ranging from DSP, to user experience design, to programming, image editing, graphics and motion graphics.

I've been a Logic Pro user since 2011 for music production. With the creative demands of an energetic and complete genre of music that is hardstyle, I accumulated overe the years the necessary experience and technical know-how to deliver quality sounds and tracks.

Pixelmator Pro is the continuation of a history with Adobe Photoshop. I create both simple and complex graphics, and I combine and work with images. The story begun in 2010 where I started working on simple artworks for my music projects and later it snowballed into a big love for image processing.

Xcode is a relatively new adventure, although I've been following its evolution since 2008. Currently I'm learning the ropes of the interface with personal projects and seeing how well it integrates with the Swif programming language.

I learned a lot of Java during my undergrade years. From there, I found a lot of comfort in the simplicity and power of IDEA. So far I've only worked in personal projects, but I can't wait for the next challenge.

Motion is, like Pixelmator Pro, a next step after years of using Adobe's After Effects. I keep learning new things in the interface for creating quality animated graphics.

There is no content creator without knowledge of some video editing software. Along with Motion, Final Cut Pro is the program I use to work with colors, transitions and scenes of high quality video footage.

I can't go on without mentioning Adobe's After Effects, even though my workflow is in the hands of Apple's Motion. It is one of the very first professional animation programs I had the privilege of learning.

Having a big love for intuitive and clear design, I use Adobe XD for creating simple, beautiful, interactive and complete mockups for interfaces.